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Calendars and high quality printing have been in Stockmans genes since 1875. The “calendar gene” is a special, unique gene and something that all of Stockmans’ employees have clearly been born with.
Today still, calendars remain a very powerful, visually effective medium with which to communicate with customers.

Explore our calendar collections and together with you we will look for the right calendar application to enable you to communicate with your customers 365 days of the year in 2014.

We believe in the power of the printed medium but always try to create a constructive link between old and new media. This can either be with regard to the product itself or via special, database-controlled applications. We also use the possibilities offered by the web to coordinate your purchasing and ordering processes, both internally and externally. Transparency and ease of use are key. Visit www.proppolis.net for more information and a showcase of possibilities.

Innovation and creativity are fundamental, not only for us but also for you, our customer, in order to make a difference and to distinguish you from your competitors. As a result of the merger with De Bie printing group at Duffel, Stockmans now has the ability to sustainably invest in a cross-media approach, to seek out the ideal combination of media forms and to develop applications that are tailor-made to suit your requirements.

Our love of and passion for beautifully produced printed products still set our pulse racing. A printed product is a tangible and sensitive form of communication. The combination of this tangible item with a segmented message has considerable impact on your customers. In short, we inspire emotion…

Nothing great is produced without passion, G. Hegel

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