After your order is registered, you have the option to charge files (1 to 4 logos, cover images and month pictures, ...), which we place in the format of your calendar. If you have any questions, we'll look at this along with you. Our internal sales can also personally guide you in this process layout. Before calendars go into production, you will receive a digital proof for approval via email.

Euterpe One2one Desk calendar

One2one Desk calendar


Today we are living in a fast and fleeting 72dpi world, where we are inundated with images via cyberspace. New media now make it possible to enter into a one-2-one dialogue with your customers. Our powerful, database-controlled software enables us to link our or your own images to a personal, segmented message with the desired one-2-one communication.

Messages like this speak directly to your customers, strengthening your relationship with them and increasing the value of the carrier, in this case the calendar. Stockmans is only too pleased to help you with this. In other words, with personalisation with images, names, birthdays, special events per customer, departments within the company, colours and templates…

You can also choose from our image database of more than 100 images for providing calendars with the names of your customers or potential customers. Success guaranteed!

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